Watch Live Satellite TV on Computer or Mobile with HAVA or Slingbox


Watch Streaming Live TV Programs

Say you have subscribed to DTH TV from Tata Sky, Reliance or Zee Dish TV - they provide you a set-top box that you connect to a Television set in your living room.

Now if you want to watch Satellite TV in another location (say your Kitchen or Bedroom), you are most likely have to go for another DTH connection or would apply for a separate cable TV connection for the other sets.

Enter place-shifting TV from Sling Media (Slingbox) or Monsoon Multimedia (HAVA) - these devices allow you to watch live TV from the video source (like your cable TV or Satellite TV) simultaneously on multiple computers, Television sets or even mobile phones (that use Windows Mobile like the HTC Touch or HP IPAQ).

You connect HAVA (or Slingbox) to the set-top-box and the device will wirelessly stream live TV to the other TV sets in your home. And if you have a laptop computer connected to the Internet, you can even watch live TV while on the road. You can also record TV programs at will.

HAVA and Slingbox are currently unavailable in India but there are some rumors that Monsoon Multimedia may very soon bring HAVA in India in partnership with Tata Sky or Reliance DTH.

That means just one set-top box from your DTH service provider will let you watch TV while you are not in the living room. You can even watch Indian soap operas on Star Plus or Zee TV on your mobile phone or computer via Internet while traveling in foreign locations.

And since it has an inbuilt wireless router, you can also watch on a Wifi enabled laptop anywhere in your home network.

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