Retail stores stocking non-veg food, a non-issue

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Aditya Birla’s retail store ‘More’ opened recently has drawn the flak of traditional Jain and Marwari over these stores selling meat items and putting commercial interests above religion.

Birlas are considered to be vegetarian and religious but business does not work like this as the retailer has to bear in mind the demands of the market and cater to different segments.

Since the retail outlets are opened mostly in cosmopolitan cities, where there is a varied population belonging to different religion and caste, it is not in commercial interest of the companies to simply ignore them by not stocking meat items.

Though the approach may change in different states, as states like Punjab, West Bengal, Kerala have majority population eating non-veg food while people Gujarat, Rajasthan are typically vegetarians.

In the past, chains like Pizza Hut and Mark Pi have customised their offerings by opening 100% veg outlets in Ahmedabad. Also, Reliance Retail is conceiving a separate entry and exit for section stocking meat food which is away from area stocking fruits and vegetables.

Published in: India

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