In India, Search for Sex on the Internet Is Still Very Popular

Written by Amit Agarwal on Sep 21, 2011
sex india google

Indians Obsessed with Sex On the Internet – That’s the story I wrote last year citing data from Google Trends. Chennai and Delhi were the top cities, not just in India, but across the world where Internet users went to Google looking for the word "sex" online.

Well, India still maintains that lead though the top slot is now occupied by Cairo in Egypt with Chennai and Delhi take the next two positions.

Reuters has this special "Google Zeitgeist" report on search queries that are most popular on Google from across the web. Internet users in Egypt and India are most frequent searchers for "sex" on Google.

An alarming trend is that most searches for the words like Taliban, Terrorism, IAEA and Jihad are coming from Pakistan. For curing hangover, US tops the chart.

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