IIT Video Lectures Available for all on YouTube

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IIT Video Lectures on YouTube

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and IITs, the premier engineering colleges of India, have earlier joined hands to produce the world’s largest repository of technical video lectures and web-based courses geared towards science and engineering students.

The IIT and IISc faculty have recorded around 4,750 videos for this project till date and anyone, anywhere can watch the lectures online through YouTube at youtube.com/iit.

The project - NPTEL  - is funded by the Indian Government and content of the courses is based on the curriculum that’s suggested by AICTE. It should therefore benefit all science and engineering students of India especially those studying in institutes where the local  teaching faculty is not at par.

Unlike similar initiatives like MIT OpenCourseWare or Stanford Engineering Everywhere, the course material offered by NPTEL on YouTube is currently not available under a Creative Commons license but that may change in the near future. Also, if you are on a slow Internet connection, you can order DVDs of these videos courses for offline viewing.

Thanks @Krishnan for the tip.

Published in: India

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