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If you have been waiting for an iTunes like Music store in India that offered “legal” music, here’s an exciting bit of news. Flipkart, India’s most loved online store, has expanded beyond physical goods and they have just added a new MP3 section to their website.

Here’s a quick video overview of what it’s like to buy downloadable MP3 music from Flipkart.

Flipkart’s MP3 Store, like the Amazon MP3 store, offers DRM-free songs in MP3 format that you can download and listen on any computer or mobile device. Or you can save the MP3s to your Dropbox folder and even enjoy them in the web browser.

You can either buy an entire music album or just your favorite tracks. The cost of individual music tracks vary anywhere between 6 and 15 (for newer songs). Also, you download any of the purchased songs a maximum of four times from the Flipkart website.

The “Cash on Delivery” payment option is not available for MP3s so you either need to have a credit card or use your net banking account for purchasing downloadable music. Also, Flipkart’s MP3 store is only available on the desktop browser – you can’t buy music from your mobile phone yet.

Update: Flipkart offers downloadable MP3 files in multiple bit rates. You can go to Account -> Preferences and set the default bit rate to 320 kbps to always download music in the highest quality. If the chosen bitrate is not available for a particular song, the default download link will point to the next highest bitrate.

Published in: India

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