Fish Medicine for Asthma - The Monetary Benefits

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For the last 162 years, the Goud family of Hyderabad has been offering a cure of Asthma to lakhs of patients in Hyderabad every year. It is given on Mrigishira Karti Nakshatra which falls in first week of June every year.

The Murrel Fish, which is used in the Bathini Fish Medicine is relatively small in size and this live fish travels through the throat, wagging its tail and fins. In the process it negotiates the phlegm congestion and provides 100 % cure for the disease. Three doses of the extra medicine is also provided to patients, which is to be taken every fifteen days in the duration of 45 days, under strict diet control for 45 days. This medicine has to be taken for three consecutive years. For vegetarians, this medicine can be used with jaggery.

This year around 7 lakh people are expected to take this medicine in a space of just 24 hours starting 0910 hours on June 8, 2007. This Bathini Fish Medicine is given free of Cost, and people from all over the country and abroad would be lining to take the medicine. The popularity of medicine has taken the natural toll, with some people giving fake medicines in different cities across the country and earning money by charging from Rs. 100 to upto Rs. 1,000. But apart from the cost, there are many revenue streams, which are involved in the distribution of the medicine contributing to the economy of the city and the people directly or indirectly involved.

Firstly, it’s the fisherman, as around 1 million murrel fishes are required for the medicine, they along with the department of fisheries arrange for proper supply at various distribution centers earning important seasonal livelihood. These fishes are transported from coastal areas along with oxygen and kept at less than 30 degrees centigrade. This also provides a business opportunity to the transport companies, oxygen suppliers and incubator manufacturers.

Other essential services such as medical help, electricity, fire, water are taken care by state government, but it still helps in raising temporary employment to various people who work as volunteers in smooth management of operations, distribution of food packets, water and providing medical assistance.

The State Tourism Department has decided to organize ‘Visit Hyderabad Week’ during first week of June to coincide with the occasion. All heritage sites in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad will be illuminated during that time. Films exhibiting Hyderabadi culture would be shown and food festivals organized in the city hotels. Souvenirs are also being made with fish patterns.

This may benefit the numerous players of the tourism industry, as the tourist sites would generate better ticket sales, cinema halls would have higher occupancy and hotels in the cities would have better occupancy. The restaurants would be notching up higher sales and local transportation vehicles would be busier. Other infrastructure in the city like shopping centers, malls and tourist attractions like Film City get increased traffic thus setting their cash registers ringing.

Also, there are special buses being run from all the major centers and even plans of running special trains from cities around the country and increasing compartments in trains to Hyderabad are being mooted, thus providing additional revenue to various intermediaries involved.

The interesting thing is that people from all walks of society and different stature of life converge for this annual event thus providing opportunity for every businessman within the social strata.

Published in: India

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