Design a Currency Symbol for the Indian Rupee

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Most countries in the world have distinct identification symbols for their currency - $ represents the US Dollar and £ is used for GBP but there’s no official currency sign for the Indian Rupee.

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Design the India Rupee Symbol - Public contest

While symbols like Rs and रू are commonly used to represent the Indian Rupee, these are no official currency signs and therefore the Government of India has now announced a public contest to pick up a sign that will represent the currency of India.

You may send the symbol on an A-4 size paper in black and white print and  that the  size of the final currency symbol design should not be smaller than 36 sq  inches.

The symbol has to be either  in the Indian National Language Script or a visual representation but  should be applicable to the standard computer keyboard.  The Government also wants to ensure that your Indian Rupee design represents the historical and cultural ethos of India.

Update: See the new Rupee Symbol

Indian RUPEEMembers from Reserve Bank of India and art institutes like  National Institute of Design,  Lalit Kala, Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art, and othre would comprise the jury that will select the winning currency design.

If you are a creative artist or designer, this is your ultimate chance to create history - if your currency design is chosen, you’ll be forever remembered in history books of the world (and Wikipedia) as the “official designer of Indian currency symbol”.

Published in: currency - rupee

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