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When you are shopping for a product, either online or offline, you are very likely to first research a couple of known shopping websites to get an idea of the current price of that product. You’ll compare the prices across all these sellers and the one that offers the best deal is likely to win your order.

That’s comparison shopping done manually.

If you are a frequent shopper, do check out MySmartPrice.com – a comparison shopping engine that can help you quickly compare the prices of a product from all the popular online shopping sites in India so that you get the best deal always.

You can use the MySmartPrice engine to compare prices of books, mobile phones as well as digital cameras sold in India. The site seems to fetch prices from the different shopping sites in real-time but the overall speed is still quite good.

They have recently added a finder tool to help people find mobile phones that match their requirements and budget. For instance, you could use the tool to find Google Android based mobile phones that have a touch-screen, are 3G enabled and cost anywhere between x and y.

There are areas that can be improved but the site is still worth a bookmark!

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Published in: Online Shopping

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