How to Check your Internet Usage for Airtel Broadband

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 16, 2012

This is only for Airtel broadband subscribers in India.

Your Airtel Internet connection has a monthly data transfer limit and once you exceed it, Airtel will either reduce your download speed (if you are on an “unlimited” plan) or you may have to pay for all the extra data that you download in the current billing cycle.

airtel internet usage

So how do you determine how much data you have consumed in the current month?

There are several software programs available that let you monitor your Internet data usage but there’s a much simpler alternative – just go to and the page will automatically display details of your data usage.

You’ll know how much data you have downloaded in the current cycle and how much more data can you download before your Internet speed is downgraded under Fair Usage Policy (FUP). It detects your subscriber ID automatically so you don’t have to log-in manually.

Also, you can check your Internet usage from your mobile or tablet as well as long as they are connected over Wi-Fi. Thank you Yash Gadhiya for the tip.

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