The Cheaper, Ad-Supported Kindle is also Available in India

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kindle with adsThe regular price of a 6” Wi-Fi only Kindle is $139 but if you don’t mind seeing a few ads on that e-ink screen, you can have that same Kindle for $25 less.

Jeff Bezos recently announced a new version of the popular Kindle – known as Kindle with Offers - that is exactly like the regular Kindle but slightly cheaper as it includes advertisements in the form of screensavers and deals that will be delivered straight to the home screen.

Amazon says these advertisements will only display on the Kindle’s home screen and won’t interrupt reading. That is, if you are reading a book on your Kindle or listening to an audio-book, the ads won’t make an appearance.

This support page on has more screenshots on how the offers and sponsored screensavers might look like on the Kindle.

Amazon is currently selling this ad-supported version of Kindle in the U.S. only but if you are in India, you can also pre-order one through HomeShop18. The listed price is roughly INR 8k (or $180) – this includes free shipping and you can make payments through Internet banking or using your credit card.

The regular edition of Kindle sells in India for $205+ so the effective discount still works out to be $25.

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Published in: Amazon Kindle

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