All Blogspot Blogs are Inaccessible in India

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blogspot traceroute out

Reports are coming in that all blogs hosted on are currently inaccessible in India. I performed a quick traceroute against my old blog and, as you can see in the above screenshot, the request did time out after a couple of hops confirming the outage.

The main website is still accessible but all the sub-domains are out of reach as of now.

While it would be a bit premature to say that if this is a technical issue or because of any government imposed censorship, it does bring back memories of 2006 when the Indian government asked ISPs to block a couple of offending blogs but they banned the entire domain from their networks.

Meanwhile, if you are in India and would like to read any any of the blogger blogs, either use a proxy server or just add to the blog URL and it should work just fine. For instance, if you are unable to access, append the suffix to a URL as below:****

Will update this story as I get more information. Thank you @inkv for the tip.

[Update] It now looks more like a glitch than a ban as several people have written back saying they are able to access Blogspot websites though the problem continues.

[Update 2] It appears that the issue is now resolved. Airtel issues a short statement via Twitter that they never blocked any blogspot blogs.

Published in: Blogging - censorship

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