Best Business Blogs in India – Thank You Times Online

Written by Amit Agarwal on Apr 26, 2012

Though our India Inc. website is still a young baby, we are extremely delighted to find that the site has been picked by the Times Online UK as one of the best business blogs in India. [India Blogs]

As corporate blogging gathers pace in the subcontinent, Times Online offers its pick of India’s business blogs..

India Inc. Part of the Digital Inspiration technology blog – which boasts and average of 1.2 million hits per month – India Inc. offers Indian business news and analysis across a broad range of sectors. Starbucks, Formula 1 and Tata all feature in recent posts…. Business blogging takes off in India (Link)

The Times Online staff were probably inspired by Microsoft India Blogstars, a competition to find the best developer bloggers in the country. It’s all the more interesting because Digital Inspiration was one of the winners in the Microsoft BlogStars contest.

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