After 3D, Now Smell and Interact in 6D Movie

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Gone are the days of seeing movies with 3D glasses, the concept is soon going to change wih the advent of 6D movie. The City of Taj, Agra  would have the first such type of theatre in Asia, to be opened by by Adlabs Cinemas in partnership with Cinema Park Network.

Watching a 6D movie would be a unique and multi-sensory experience for the movie-lovers. Apart from the usual audio-visual show, one could even smell,   touch, ride and interact. This is called 6D experience which is brought by specially designed smart chairs. These chairs are equipped with back, leg and butt ticklers, neck and face air blast, water spray, stereo speakers and scent and wind effect. Each participant will have a personal remote and a small LCD screen enabling him to interact with others.

The film titled “India in Motion” would be the first 6D show to be viewed in Agra. It would be a edutainment experience for students, educational institutes,   human resources department, tourists and families.

So be prepared for the new experience that is soon going to tickle you. But not sure about how Indian viewers would look at it, considering they are still keen on watching Bollywood flicks rather than watch a 25-min documentary, because cinema viewing is still a phenomenon where families go as a picnic to see movie, eat, shop and enjoy.

Published in: India

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