Use Wolfram Alpha to Make Words for Scrabble

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Do you need help in making a high-scoring word from all the letters you have in a game of Scrabble? Give Wolfram Alpha a try – the tool won’t just suggest you different words that you can create from those scrambled letters but also their respective scores so you can pick the one that gives you maximum number of points.

Unscramble Words for Scrabble with Wolfram

Wolfram can offer word suggestions in two ways. You can either search for “Scrabble” on Wolfram, choose “computation” and then enter the jumbled letters in the input box. If one of your Scrabble tiles is blank, you can simply enter a space in the query and Wolfram will automatically treat that as a blank tile – for example LABN OL.

The other option is to use a query like word subsets (or words containing xyz) that will bring a list of all English words containing a give set of letters. You can’t however use blanks here. Here are some additional Wolfram Alpha examples around words.

Hasbro, the toy company that owns the Scrabble brand, also offers a useful word builder on their website – here you can find points of different words and also their meanings.

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Published in: games - Wolfram Alpha

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