Colorful Rings from Old Magazines and Calendars


What do you do with beautiful calendars, magazines and admission prospectus from foreign universities? Sell them to the local “raddi-wala” or throw them in the bin ?

image001Some of us use these papers as shelf-liners in the drawers and shelves. Wait, here’s another very creative use - you can make colorful chains with these discarded book and decorate your little one’s room or on his/her birthday party.

You don’t need to run to the nearest stationery shop - everything that you need to create these chains is right there in your closet - all you need is a Stapler (or Glue stick), ruler and a craft knife.

To start with, cut stripes from the paper as illustrated in the pictures. To make the rings look more attractive, use papers of different colors. image002 image003

Roll the paper stripes to make the letter ‘O’ and then staple or glue the ends. Insert another stripe inside the previous ring and glue it. Continue this process until you have a long chain of rings.

image004 image005

Other than plain rings, you may try different patterns like combining several rings into one.

You may ask your kids to form these paper chains in their summer vacation - it will keep them busy and creative.

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