Turn Your Wardrobe Door Into A Photo Frame

Written by Amit Agarwal on Aug 31, 2007

full-wardrobeAre you designing a wardrobe for your own bedroom or the kids’ room? Want that wardrobe to look a bit different from the ones that you already have in the other rooms of your home.

Then here’s a tip – you can make your wardrobe door resemble a wooden photo frame. And then you can insert some artwork, children drawings, cartoons or other mementos in between the wood and the glass frame as shown in the picture on the right.

Ask your carpenter to make the wardrobe door on the lines of photo frame, he will have to cut the wood board (the one he’s using to make the door) from the center leaving a border-depending on the size of the wardrobe.

Then provide a glass front with a wood ply at the back to hold your paintings and photographs. (see picture below)

You can also display patterned wall paper inside the frame. If you are bored with the current layout, just change the photographs inside and your wardrobe exterior will look new again.


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