Want Extra Storage Space? Use the Staircase area

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Are you using the staircase landing or the vacant space underneath the stairs ? If not, it could be a perfect spot for running a home office, placing a book shelf, a walk-in closet or even an utility closet.

Here are some simple ideas to help you make efficient use of that space:

1. Use that area to safely keep your car keys, backpacks, umbrellas or even sports equipment.

2. While designing your closet underneath the staircase or on the landing area - consider installing drawers, doors, shelves (that can be slotted at different heights), wire baskets (for storing stuff like toys).

3. Home office is more suitable underneath a stairwell. The shape of the wall compliments the table and the storage.

If your landing or underneath area is spacious, you can create a walk-in closet - it has shelves on two or three sides.You can walk around or even add lighting and mirrors to your closet.

Utility closet is another good option which can be used for storing permanent housing appliances (for eg. gardening, heating /cooling equipments).

The bulky rugs and carpets can also be arranged neatly inside the closet. It is generally a good idea to install steel rods - you can roll the carpet around and store more things in the same space.

Published in: India

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