Organize Your Cluttered Drawers with Inserts

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 15, 2012

Do you spend your precious weekends tidying the drawers? Then consider installing dividers to the shelves in your wardrobes and consoles.

Dividers are an ideal solution for organizing things like stationary, stacks of files, clothing and also help keep your shelves neat.

[Dividers are also referred as drawer inserts since they are generally installed in pull-out shelves and drawers]

Small items like ties, socks, undergarments, jewellery and even your vast CDs and DVD collection can be neatly arranged in a shelf or a drawer that has dividers.

Dividers (or Drawer Inserts) are generally available in plastic, wood and fiber material. Usually readymade closets and consoles have built in dividers.

Bonus Tip: If you store kitchen cutlery inside a drawer, consider installing dividers to save yourself from sorting spoon and forks.

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