How to Choose the Right Fonts for your Project

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 18, 2012
Fonts Selection Chart

If you are looking to find the right kind of font /typeface for designing your book, your website logo, for an handwritten invitation letter or a font for annotating an illustration, this flowchart from graphic designer Julian Hansen should come handy.

Start from the center of the flowchart, pick the type of your design project – it could be a logo, a book or something else – answer a couple of (sometimes funny) questions and you will quickly discover the most appropriate font family for your project.

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Julian has considered only the top 100 fonts for her typeface selection chart and you may therefore not find every single font here. And if you came here looking to pick a font for your website text, this chart again won’t offer any help. Thank you Shefaly for the tip.

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