Neatly Organize USB Cables and Charging Cords on your Desk

Written by Amit Agarwal on Jul 21, 2012
Organize Cables
Organize your Charging cords and USB cables with Binders

If you have USB cables, cell phone chargers and other connecters lying all around your desk, just get a couple of binder clips from your nearest stationery store and fix them to one edge of your table as shown in the picture.

Reduce Cable Clutter on your Desk

The wire arms (or the handles)  of the binder clip can act as “holders” to not only give you quick access to your most frequently used computer cables but they’ll also prevent the wires from falling off your computer table.

Binder Clips are available in many different sizes so if you are working on a thick desk, you may want to buy a larger version of the clip.

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