Get a Private Phone Number from pfingo

Written by Amit Agarwal on Nov 15, 2007

myGlobal number comes with 2 versions: ‘Public’ and ‘Private’. The ‘Public’ version allows anyone in US, UK or Australia to reach you and pay only their local call charges. You do not have to pay for these incoming calls. To signup, simply go to pfingo Store to purchase your foreign numbers. myGlobal number Public is currently available for subscription at our online store to all active pfingoTALK customers at S$36/3mths/number or at S$120/year/number.

If you prefer to allow only selected people to call you, consider myGlobal number ‘Private’ service. This service enables you to assign up to 3 contacts in a particular country and the caller pays their local calling rates to reach you. You pay only S$0.03 per minute for these incoming calls. From now till 31 Dec 07, enjoy 1 year free subscription worth S$18. To turn on myGlobal Number ‘Private’, simply download the latest pfingoTALK soft phone and click on myGlobal Number ‘Private’ button.

pfingo Internation Phone Number

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