Upload Google Drive Files to Dropbox with Google Apps Script

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Learn how to upload any Google Drive file to your Dropbox folder using Google Apps Script. To get started, create a new Dropbox app, as explained in the previous Dropbox example, and get the access token to skip the OAuth2 workflow.

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function uploadGoogleFilesToDropbox(googleDriveFileId) {

  var parameters = {
    "path": "/PDF/labnol.pdf",
    "mode": "add",
    "autorename": true,
    "mute": false

  // Add your Dropbox Access Token
  var dropboxAccessToken = 'labnolorg-MZmqX';

  var headers = {
    "Content-Type": "application/octet-stream",
    'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + dropboxAccessToken,
    "Dropbox-API-Arg": JSON.stringify(parameters)

  var driveFile = DriveApp.getFileById(googleDriveFileId);

  var options = {
    "method": "POST",
    "headers": headers,
    "payload": driveFile.getBlob().getBytes()

  var apiUrl = "https://content.dropboxapi.com/2/files/upload";
  var response = JSON.parse(UrlFetchApp.fetch(apiUrl, options).getContentText());

  Logger.log("File uploaded successfully to Dropbox");

Published in: Google Apps Script - Google Drive - Dropbox

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