Daily Email Summary of your Google Calendar Events

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What’s the agenda for today? The Google Script will send you a daily email digest of all the events that are scheduled for today. The email includes the event’s title and the start and end dates but you can extend it to include the event’s location, description and other details.

function sendCalendarAgenda() {

  /* Get the default calendar */
  var cal = CalendarApp.getDefaultCalendar();

  /* Get all events for today */
  var events = cal.getEventsForDay(new Date());

  /* Email address for the events digest */
  var mailto = "email@labnol.org"

  if(events.length > 0) {

    var body = "Google Calendar - Events" + "nn";
    var tz = Session.getScriptTimeZone();

    /* Concatenate the events list */
    for(var i=0; i < events.length; i++){
      body += Utilities.formatDate(events[i].getStartTime(),tz,"MM:dd HH:mm") + " ~ ";
      body += Utilities.formatDate(events[i].getEndTime(),tz,"MM:dd HH:mm") + " :";
      body += events[i].getTitle() + "n";

    /* Send email digest */
    MailApp.sendEmail(mailto, "Google Calender - Summary", body);

Published in: Google Apps Script - Google Calendar

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