Universal Find and Replace for Google Drive Documents

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Say you have a folder of invoice in your Google Drive and you would like to change your company name in all these documents from “ABC Inc.” to “XYZ Inc.”. You can use Apps Script to find a string in multiple documents in a specific folder and replace it with another string. You can even use regular expressions to perform the replacement.

The getDriveFolder() method is a custom function used to get a Drive folder with a specific folder path. The script retrieves all the Google Documents (with a particular MIME type) and performs Universal find and replace.

// Universal Find and Replace
function universalFindAndReplace() {

  var folder = getDriveFolder("a/b/c/d/e/f");

  var backup = folder.createFolder("Backup - " + (new Date()).getTime());

  var doc, documents = folder.getFilesByType(MimeType.GOOGLE_DOCS)

  while (documents.hasNext()) {

    var file = documents.next();

    file.makeCopy(file.getName(), backup);

    var doc = DocumentApp.openById(file.getId());

    var body = doc.getBody();

    // You can use regex too
    doc.replaceText("brown", "black");



Published in: Google Apps Script - Google Docs

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