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With Google Scripts you can generate a Google Drive Tree with all the files and folders (and sub-folders). You can either start with the root (main) folder or specify a folder name - this is helpful when you have tons of files in your Google Drive and retrieving the entire list can cause the script to time out.

/* Change the FOLDER NAME to generate tree for any specify folder */

function generateFolderTree() {

  try {

    // If you want a tree of any sub folder
    //var parent = DriveApp.getFoldersByName("FOLDER_NAME").next();

    // If you want to search from the top (root) folder
    var parentFolder = DriveApp.getRootFolder();


  } catch (e) {




function getChildFolders(parent) {

  var childFolders = parent.getFolders();

  while (childFolders.hasNext()) {

    var childFolder =;

    Logger.log("Folder Name: " + childFolder.getName());
    Logger.log("Folder URL:  " + childFolder.getUrl());

    var files = childFolder.getFiles();

    while (files.hasNext()) {

      // Print list of files inside the folder


    // Recursive call for any sub-folders


Published in: Google Apps Script - Google Drive

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