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speech-search Tazti (pronounced as ‘tasty’) is a free speech recognition software for Windows that lets you search the web, control iTunes and navigate social websites like Facebook or MySpace using voice commands.

Tazti may no replacement for Dragon Naturally Speaking since it cannot do dictation but the fact that it is completely free may attract people who want to surf the web hands-free as much as possible.

For instance, when you say “search google” or “search flickr”, it takes you to the relevant search engine in your browser. Your next command will be treated as the search query. If you are searching for something unusual, say “spell search google” and then spell the word character by character.


You can also create custom a speech commands and associate them with hyperlinks, software programs or any file on the desktop. Here’s a video demo of Tazti:

Like with any other speech recognition software, you also need to train Tazti. If multiple people use the same computer, they will have to create separate profiles.

The software didn’t work on my Vista machine due to some missing Visual Basic component so am not in a position to comment on the voice recognition accuracy but will update this once the problem gets fixed. Meanwhile please share your experiences with Tazti in the comments.

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Published in: Downloads - Speech Recognition

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