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Twitter is the best source of news on the Internet but there’s no denying the fact that Twitter is both complex and confusing for most people. Unlike a newspaper website where you just open the homepage and read the news, you need to follow the right set of people before understanding the true potential of Twitter.

Twitter realises this problem and they are now trying to capture the audience that stumble upon Twitter just for catching up with news but may not be inclined to traverse the complex universe of Likes and RTs. Now when you open the Twitter homepage, they will show you to the top tweets across various categories without requiring you to sign up. The tweets are grouped in categories like Sports, Music, Food, etc. so it is easier than ever before to follow your interests.

Twitter News Source

See the Top Tweets for any Category

The Twitter news feeds surface the top tweets for any category but, for some unknown reason, they have made these available only to users who are not logged into Twitter.

Not a problem as here are direct URLs (links) that will help you access all the Twitter category feeds without having to log out of your Twitter account. The list covers both US and India specific Twitter news categories. You can bookmark the pages that pique your interest and access them anytime, anywhere.

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Twitter News Feeds (US)

General news sources

Business news

Journalists & pundits

World news

Weather news & meteorologists

Financial news & analysts

Tech blogs & reporters

Tech CEOs, investors & startups

Space news, Nonprofits & foundations

Designers & architects

Authors, critics & publishers

Photographers & photo agencies

NFL players, teams & personalities

NBA players, teams & personalities

College basketball teams & fans

MLB players, teams & personalities

Soccer players, teams & fans

NHL players, teams & personalities

NASCAR drivers & teams

WWE wrestlers & personalities

MMA fighters & personalities

Golfers, tours & commentators

College football teams & personalities

Celebrity news

TV shows & stars

Actors & actresses

Reality TV shows & stars

TV talent shows & contestants

Industry news, film critics & festivals

Video games & gamers

Science news & journalists

Celebrity chefs & personalities

Parenting experts & opinion

Home design & decorators

Food, drinks & entertainment guides

Travel guides, airlines & hotels

Health & fitness

Automakers & reviewers

Wedding guides

Inspiration & motivation

Pop artists

Hip hop \/ rap artists

Country artists

Latino artists

R&B soul artists

Classic rock groups

Dance electronic artists

Metal groups

Comedians, writers & late-night hosts

Cute animals

Cool & interesting photos

Art museums & publications

Beauty & cosmetics brands

Clothing brands & retailers

High-end fashion labels

Politicians, pundits & parties

US federal agencies

Twitter News Feeds (India)



Government and Politics



Cricketers and Commentators

Youth and Music


Comedy and Humour

South Indian

NGOs and Social Good


Bollywood and Celebrities


Hindi Music


Breaking News

Indian Athletes

Politicians and Pol Parties

Business and Financial News

Punjabi Music

Government & Public Utilities

Books & Authors

Entertainment Channels

TV Personalities

Leagues and Teams

Sports News, TV and Scores


Indie & Electronic Music


These semi-curated Twitter News Feeds are probably the best thing to have happened to Twitter in recent times. Content discovery has always been an issue in the world of Twitter but now you can easily find the top tweets for your favourite category without the chaos.

If you are curious to know how I found these Twitter feeds, the answer is web scraping and some trial-n-error. Also, I think Twitter is using geo-location to tailor the news feeds so if you are, say, in UK, your news feed links will be different from mine.

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