The Share on Google Plus Bookmarklet

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Share on Google +The Google +1 button is widely seen as Google’s answer to the popular Like button of Facebook as they share similar goals – you can recommend web pages to your social circles with a click. This 1-sheet overview explains the +1 concept in greater detail.

Google +1 Bookmarklet

Most websites and blogs have added the Google +1 button but if you like to recommend a web page on Google Plus that doesn’t have the +1 button, you may use the following bookmarklet – just drag the link to your bookmarks toolbar (video demo) and you will be able to +1 any web page on the Internet.

Share on Google Plus Bookmarklet

The Google +1 bookmarklet, discussed above, helps you +1 web pages that would then show up in your Google Plus profile under the +1’s tab.

However, if you would like to share a web page, video or picture among your circles on Google Plus, you need to install the Share on Google+ bookmarklet.

The Share on Google+ bookmarklet, when clicked, opens a little overlay window and you can share the current page in your Google Plus circles without leaving the existing page.

All you have to do is drag the above link to your bookmarks toolbar. And since it is a bookmarklet, it should work across all browsers including on your iPhone and iPad.

How to Install the Google+ Bookmarklet

Published in: Bookmarklets - Google Plus

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