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Airtel Brings Google Android Mobile Phones to India

HTC Magic is a Google Android powered touchscreen mobile phone that is Wi-Fi enabled and features a 3.2 megapixel still and video camera. It’s an unlocked Google Phone so you an use it on any network.

Planning for your Retired Life in India

Are you prepared to play safe the Second Innings of your life? With India having a rich tradition of respect and care for the elders, there is little need to diligently plan for the retirement.

Buy Gold in India in Electronic Form

Investors across that country now have another investment option where they can buy Exchange Traded Funds of Gold currently being managed by UTI Mutual Fund and Benchmark Mutual Fund in an innovative, cost-efficient and secure way.

Dealing with Income Tax Search and Seizure

News on income tax raid can be found flashing quite often on your TV screen and in morning newspaper, highlighting the unaccounted cash and wealth of the affected.

Zoozoos in Vodafone TV Ads Aren’t Animated

The Zoozoo ads have been created by O&M for Vodafone to convey different value added services of the mobile phone company including phone Backup, cricket alerts, etc.

Design a Currency Symbol for the Indian Rupee

A currency sign (like $, £ or €) is a graphic symbol often used as a shorthand for a currency’s name. The Indian Rupee symbol design contest by Finance Ministry is looking for creative designs that also connect with Indian history and culture.