Cadbury launched Bournville fine dark chocolate in India last quarter.

Well coordinated marketing at relevant consumer touch points – front page ad in Economic Times with catchy taglines (‘Food of the Gods and other Top Management); upscale ad campaign targeted at the well healed. Careful store selection for distribution – launched in self select and high throughput grocery stores across the major cities in the country with focus on merchandising and in store placement.

Cadbury Bournville – Perfect example of an India 1 launch meant for the Consumer class in India.

The advertising focuses on generating impulse via its distinguished taste – earn your Bournville; while the packaging talks about the health benefits – natural source of anti oxidants – associated with dark chocolate.

The product formulation has been tweaked in accordance with Indian tastes; it has the best ingredients like cocoa from Ghana beans; geared towards winning the second moment of truth.

What is amazing is the awareness and impulse it has generated amongst its target audience within weeks of its launch.

I was recently in Mumbai at an MNC office; the office celebrated their last quarter success with the entire staff feasting on the Bourneville chocolate; my wife (a chocolate lover) knew about it the day it was launched. The cynic in me thought that this would probably only be a metro – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore success. The cynicism proved to be short lived; I visited a store in Lucknow; and enquired about it – to my surprise the shopkeeper answered he sold all the pieces he ordered on the first day itself and then ordered 5 times the quantity. He was quite happy with the launch as it had increased his category profits.

In short, a great insight into the changing tastes and preferences of the emerging market consumers; an attempt to introduce the fastest growing dark chocolate segment (+13% growth globally) in emerging markets; combined with excellent consumer segmentation and marketing strategy. No wonder, a Rs. 75 (1.5$) for a chocolate bar, and fast selling even in Lucknow. That’s a marketing gem generating truly profitable business growth in an otherwise depressing economic environment.