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The Foods of India by States

This rough guide to Indian food by state is courtesy, an online guide to Indian restaurants.

The New Ford Fiesta has Voice Control

The new Ford Fiesta 2011 edition has an attractive exterior and supports voice commands. You can control the car temperature, radio and the phone over Bluetooth.

Gujarat State Buses Offer Wi-Fi on Some Routes

The Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) has rolled out Volvo buses that offer Wi-Fi on the go and they are probably the first public transport in India to offer such a facility.

PayPal Users in India Need to Update Accounts

You will neither be able to receive payments into PayPal nor can you withdraw money from PayPal to your Indian bank if the Purpose Code, PAN and bank account details aren’t provided.

How to Find Your Income Tax Circle and Ward

With the increasing usage of Internet for Income Tax related work including tasks such as applying for PAN and TAN or for filing Income Tax returns, the common problem being faced by many taxpayers and assessees is how to find out their particular Circle/ Ward/ Range in which they need to file return with or are assessed with.

A Font Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi

The Gandhiji Font is an impressive typeface the design of which is completely inspired by Mahatma Gandhiji’s trademark round glasses.

Speak Asia Online – The End is Nigh

Speak Asia Online is finding itself in hot waters now as most of their previous claims have been proved false. They are not based in Singapore and the government is probing their India operations.

Inorbit Malls Offer Free Parking for a Day

The Facebook Page of Inorbit Mall crossed 100,000 fans and they decided to celebrate that milestone by offering free parking for a day across their shopping centers in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Google Street View is in India – Would you Opt-Out?

Chevrolet SUVs would soon be scouring the streets of Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi capturing photographs for Google’s Street View project. But are you comfortable with Google taking pictures of your home and putting them on Google Maps and Google Earth for public access?