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Calling All Indian Bloggers

The new Indian Bloggers directory won’t just showcase the best blogs from India but also the people (or bloggers) who are writing these blogs.

Report Spam SMS and Marketing Calls on Android

Registered your mobile number in the Do No Disturb (DND) registry but still receive unwanted SMS messages or promotional phone calls. Here's how you can easily report such spam to 1909.

BlackBerry Prices Drop in India

BlackBerry maker RIM has dropped the prices of all BlackBerry mobile phones in India by as much as 27% - See chart for the new prices.

Write the Indian Rupee Symbol using Windows Fonts

Download the updated Windows fonts as these include support for the new Indian Rupee symbol. You can then type the Rupee sign in Word using common fonts like Arial, Times New Roman or Tahoma.

Google Abandons Music Search in India

Google Music Search in India allows people to find songs from Bollywood films and music albums. However, they no longer maintain it actively.

Buy and Download DRM-Free MP3 Songs from Flipkart

You can now download your favorite music as MP3s from the Flipkart website. These songs are DRM-free meaning you can enjoy your music on any computer or mobile device without restrictions.