The Digital Inspiration Setup

Where is your website hosted? Which WordPress theme is labnol using? Are you on WordPress or Blogger?  What software do you use?

I get these questions frequently so here’s a complete list of web services, software apps and computer hardware that I use here at Digital Inspiration. Our web store is powered by WooCommerce.

digital inspiration office

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Web Services I Pay For

Gadgets & Computer Hardware

Software & Web Apps

  • Screencasting: ScreenFlow, Camtasia Studio & iMovie
  • Screen Capture: SnagIt, Giphy Capture
  • Image Editing: Pixelmator, Canva
  • Editor: Visual Studio Code
  • RSS: Feedly, Reeder
  • Twitter: Tweetbot
  • Podcasts: Pocket Casts
  • Notes: Trello, Google Keep
  • Read Later: Pocket
  • Email: Gmail with Sender Icons
  • Terminal: Hyper
  • Password Manager: CtrlQ
  • Web Browser: Google Chrome
  • Office: Microsoft Office 365, G Suite Business
  • Storage: Google Drive, Dropbox


Document Studio

Generate beautiful and pixel-perfect documents in PDF, Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

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Mail Merge

Send personalized emails from Gmail, include unique attachments, track opens and more.

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Save Emails

Download email messages and file attachments from Gmail to your Google Drive.

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