Muslim Search Engine Makes Internet Searching Safe for Kids As Well

halal searchMuslims generally use the term “Halal” to designate food items that they are allowed to eat under the Islamic law (like fish). The opposite of “halal” is ‘haraam’, another Arabic term which is used for food products that Muslims are forbidden from eating (like pork).

This page describes in detail how stuff is classified as Halal or Haram according to Islam. And its not just about food, the term Halal can refer to any action that is permitted under the Quran while prohibited actions are known as “Haram”.

A Search Engine for Muslims (and your Kids)

Extending the Halal and Haram concept to the Internet, Ramadan Kareem has created a search engine called I am Halal that might just prevent you (Muslims and Non-Muslims alike) from “accidentally” bumping into any explicit (or “Haram”) content on the Internet.

Unlike Safe Search in Google which simply removes all adult sites from search results, I-Am-Halal, which uses search results from Yahoo, employs a double-layered filter.


When you type a search query (e.g. sex) that can potentially retrieve “haram” search results, the search engine would require you to confirm whether you really want to see those search results. When you say yes, it will fetch the relevant pages but will still filter out content that is not deemed as family-safe.

The search results page will also contain thumbnail images of web pages alongside the site links and description. And in addition to websites, you may also use to search for images and news stories on the web.

I am actually quite impressed with “I Am Halal” and, other than the religious side of things, this is something good for your kids as well. For instance, if they type a query that is bound to return explicit results, the search engine would simply refuse to work for that query.

Hat tip Jessie Paul.

Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal

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