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Google today released an updated list of the most-visited sites on the web and it should not come as any surprise that Facebook takes the top spot with 870 million uniques. YouTube and Yahoo are next with 790 M and 590 M uniques respectively.

Google, maybe for competitive reasons, doesn’t share traffic data of its own site, or that of Gmail, in the Ad Planner report. Google+ is growing but the user base is still relatively small for the site to become part of this report.

A Trillion Page Views

Facebook hit a new milestone in June this year - the site touched a trillion page views from the 870 million* people who visited Facebook that month. Check this infographic to get an idea of how big a trillion – or a million million – is.

PS:Officially, Facebook has 750+ million users but the number of unique visitors who flock Facebook every month is much higher because certain section of the site – Facebook Pages and Profiles for example – are open to non-users as well.

Facebook says that people spend over 700 billion minutes per month on the site and now we also know that, on an average, one user visits 1150 pages on Facebook in a month. That’s impressive considering that YouTube, with all the entertaining and viral content, manages only 126 views per unique visitor per month.

Published in: exclusive - Facebook

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