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Copy-paste the source code and the beautifier will prettify and syntax-highlight the code


Beautifier FAQ

Everything you wanted to know about the source code beautifier

What is Code Beautifier?

With Code Beautifier, you can pretty-print and syntax highlight source code written in JavaScript, JSON, Python, Google Apps Script, HTML, CSS, PHP and other programming languages. You can also deobfuscate and reformat minified source code wirtten in JavaScript.

The beautifier can understand and format source code of all the popular languages including JavaScript, JSON, Python, HTML, XML, CSS, and PHP.

Beautifier uses the open-source Code Mirror project and Monaco Editor of VS Code to auto-format and intend the source code. The programming font is Fira Code from Google Fornts.

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Awards & Titles

Digital Inspiration has won several awards since it's launch in 2004.

Google Developer Expert

Google Developer Expert

Google awarded us the Google Developer Expert award recogizing our work in Google Workspace.

ProductHunt Golden Kitty

ProductHunt Golden Kitty

Our Gmail tool won the Lifehack of the Year award at ProductHunt Golden Kitty Awards in 2017.

Microsoft MVP Alumni

Microsoft MVP Alumni

Microsoft awarded us the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) title for 5 years in a row.

Google Cloud Champion

Google Cloud Champion

Google awarded us the Champion Innovator title recognizing our technical skill and expertise.

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