A new version of the popular HTML Mail utility is now available at ctrlq.org/html-mail.

You may use the tool to create and send rich-text emails to anyone with a click. It offers a WYSIWYG editor for writing emails visually but if you are comfortable with HTML, simply switch to the HTML mode and code messages in HTML and CSS directly.

HTML Mails

What’s new then?

One, the email program now uses the HTML Boilerplate template and thus your messages should render alike across all popular email clients including Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook.

Everything is wrapped inside a background table to prevent your email message body from stretching outside the available width of the email client. The boilerplate stylesheet also includes fixes to make your messages more readable on a mobile phone.

The HTML Mail program now requires you to sign-in using your Facebook or Google Account before send an email. This was necessary to prevent people from abusing the program and also, the email address provided by these services will appear as the FROM: address in the header of your outgoing messages.

The tool can also be used for designing HTML signatures for your email program. Social icons, like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, can be added to the signature with a click.