In this video, Ellie Rountree of Rocketboom shares some of her favorite Mac utilities and web applications. A couple of tools included in the list will work on PCs as well so there’s something for everyone.

In case your feed reader has trouble displaying the embedded clip, here’s the list in text:

Caffeine (Mac) – If you are watching a long video and don’t want your Mac to start a screen saver or go into Sleep mode, get Caffeine.

Awaken (Mac, $15) – It’s a digital alarm clock that wakes you (and you Mac) up playing the iTunes playlist of your choice. You can also wake up or fall asleep listening to your favorite Podcast.

Vuze (PC & Mac) – Vuze is a free bittorrent software application to help you find and download HD video content on the Web.

Fluid (Mac) – This lets you create desktop shortcuts for web applications like Google Reader, Gmail, etc. PC users may try Prism with Firefox.

WriteRoom (Mac, $25) – Unlike the cluttered word processors you’re used to, WriteRoom lets you focus on writing just like your Dad’s typewriter. Windows users can turn Word into WriteRoom or use the Internet Typewriter.

Readability (bookmarklet) – This removes all the clutter from web pages so you can read content without getting distracted.

Spotify (Mac & PC) – A destop music player that offers access to online streaming music for free. Invitation only.

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