The Gmail Extractor app will automatically extract the email addresses and names of senders from your Gmail account. You can choose to extract email addresses from every single message in your mailbox or from emails that are tagged with a particular Gmail label (or folder).

The extracted email addresses are saved in a Google spreadsheet that you may either download as a CSV file for importing into your mailing list, like MailChimp or Aweber, or you can use that raw list as an input for sending personalized email messages through Mail Merge in Gmail.

If you looking to create an email marketing campaign for your clients who are not in your Google Contacts yet but you have previously communicated with them over email, the email extractor program can help you quickly build such a mailing list.

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Email Extractor for Gmail

The email extractor for Gmail is available in two editions – free and premium. The premium edition is more capable, it can extract names of senders, it can parse emails from the message body and also, the speed of email extraction is high.

Features Free Premium
Extracts sender’s email addresses Yes Yes
Extracts email addresses from TO & CC fields No Yes
Extracts email addresses found in the message body No Yes
Extract names from message header (if available) No Yes
Email Extraction Speed Normal Faster
Installation Manual (PDF) included No Yes
Choose Gmail Extractor edition Forever Free Premium

You can buy the Premium version using your credit card or PayPal. It is a flat one-time fee (not a subscription) and you can use the program for life. You also get free technical support over email for 6 months.

The Platinum version has all the features of premium and includes one-on-one support over phone, Skype or Google Hangouts for 12 months.

Refunds can be requested within 6 hours of purchase. Should you have any questions, or require customization, send an email at or visit our services page.


How to Use Email Extractor for Gmail

Here’s how you can use the Gmail extractor to pull emails of sender’s from your Gmail messages:

  1. Click here to copy the email extractor Google sheet into your Google Drive.
  2. Put the Gmail label name in cell A2. You may use inbox for extracting addresses from emails that are in your Inbox, starred for just the important emails, labela-labelb for emails in label B that is a sub-label of Label A or say all for processing all messages in your Gmail account.
  3. Put your email address in Cell B2. The program will send you an email notification here once all the emails for that label have been extracted.
  4. Next click the Gmail Extract menu in the Google sheet and select Initialize. Grant the Google script access to your Gmail mailbox.

The Google script is now running in the background and, depending on the size of your Gmail folder, may take some time to complete. You may close the Google sheet and it will send you an email once the extraction is complete. If there are any duplicate email addresses found during extraction, the program will automatically remove them and will populate the column B with the unique list.

You can stop the Email Extractor anytime later from the same Google Sheet. Choose the Gmail menu and select Uninstall.

Extending the Gmail Extractor

Internally, the Google Script uses Regular Expressions to pull email addresses of senders from messages tagged with a particular label and exports them to a Google Sheet. Since the script needs to track messages that have been processed, it applies the “processed” label to these messages. You can also remove this label after all the email address have been parsed and extracted.

The program can be further enhanced to extract data from the body of Gmail messages and this include shipping information, order numbers, parsing legacy contact forms or even your PayPal emails.