As you may noticed in tweets and emails newsletters, the short URL of any product page on has a standard format that looks something like

The path portion of Amazon short URLs is made of random digits and alphabets but if you wish, you can also use a more memorable string as a short URL. Here’s how:

Go to and sign-in using your Facebook or Twitter account. Next paste any Amazon URL into the text box and hit the Shorten button.

Bitly will generate an URL with a random suffix but you use the “Customize” option (see video) to set any other string as the suffix for that short URL. For instance, I reserved the following two URLs for my eBook that I published last week.



These URL suffixes (or keywords) are shared across the bitly ecosystem so if someone has reserved a particular keyword with another website that also uses bitly (like or, it won’t be available for your Amazon Short URL.

One more thing. All products listed on Amazon are assigned a unique ASIN code (it is listed in the item’s description) and you can just add this code to to quickly create a short URL. Here’s an example –

The same technique may be extended to other websites that are configured to work with – these Facebook (, BBC (, The Wall Street Journal (, The New York Post ( and others.

Video: Customize Amazon Short URLs