Take Notes on the Desktop or your Mobile Phone with ShifD

Written by Amit Agarwal on Feb 25, 2008

mobile phone note taking ShifD, a new note taking application, is a wonderful mix of Instapaper and Clipmarks. Developed by the New York Times, this simple yet very useful app is available for the desktop, web browser and even your mobile phone.

You could either select some text on a web page and its instantly saved as a new note to your online account (like Clipmarks) or you can just save the link (URL) of the current page pretty much like the "read later" feature of Instapaper.

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While Instapaper and Clipmarks are limited to the browser, ShifD also provides a desktop client so you can take notes from virtually any Windows or Mac application provided you have Adobe AIR installed. The desktop software will synchronize with the online version so you always have the same notes / web links at all locations.

The most attractive thing is the mobile component of ShifD – you can take notes from the mobile phone using the phone browser or by sending the text/link as an SMS. This works for all phones including BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, etc but the SMS feature is open only for US residents.

shifd.com | Mobile Version – Thanks Jeremy

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