Most Popular Google Subdomains

Written by Amit Agarwal on Oct 24, 2010

Google SubdomainsFollowing is a list of 40 most popular subdomains of in terms of unique visitors. If traffic is any measure of popularity, this chart definitely provides some good hints about the relative popularity of various Google services.

For instance, Google Answers service is no longer active but the archive Q&A’s continue to get more traffic that Google Blogs search and even Google Sites, a wiki like service that will soon replace Google Pages.

Google’s experiment with hosted news seems to be paying off as is evident from the traffic on domains and

*This data is from Compete for the month of November 2008 and counts only unique visitors.

Top 40 Google Subdomains

RankSubdomainDescriptionUnique Visitors Search126,269,804 Search43,023,240 Maps36,914,680 Google Mail24,895,354 News13,356,758 Video10,204,587 Books7,927,748 6,706,051 Web Albums5,298,616 Groups4,635,581 Suggest3,474,637 Docs3,350,849 Translate2,894,445 Earth2,569,757 Spreadsheets2,528,648 Scholar1,959,375 Press1,889,635 Finance1,858,152 Toolbar1,767,647 Start Page1,764,685 1,623,872 Pack1,507,250 AdWords1,412,911 Answers1,277,980 Checkout1,239,261 Sites1,237,010 Blog Search1,229,263 Code Libraries1,049,731 Software978,392 Downloads973,467,884 Desktop Search951,090 635,560 Talk Gadget506,306 IG Subscribe496,913 470,176,869 431,403 France Presse412,095 Sketchup411,761

Some of the popular Google properties missing in the list are, Orkut, Google Apps for Domains, Google Reader, Google Calendar, Google AdSense (, Google Notebook, Google Analytics, Google Base and since they are not Google subdomains.

Google services that are on subdomains but seem to missing from the top 40 list include Google Knol, Google Directory, Google Labs and Google Local.

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