The New Layout of Google Sitelinks

Written by Amit Agarwal on Mar 21, 2011

When you search for a brand or domain name on Google (see example), the search results may often contain a cluster of 6-8 links that point to some of the most important interior pages of that site. Google calls them Sitelinks and they are meant to serve as shortcuts to help Google users quickly find the information they’re looking for on that particular website.

google sitelinks - screenshot

Google Sitelinks

Sitelinks in Google search results have so far contained only the title of the page but it looks like Google is testing a new layout where the page meta description is also shown alongside relevant Sitelinks. See the screenshot above.

For me, the more significant change here is the amount of screen estate that Google is providing in search results to sites that perfectly match the search criteria. Thanks Tamish for sending in the image.

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