Find the Exact Opposite Point on Earth with Google Maps

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Say you start digging a straight tunnel from your current location and reach the exact opposite point on the Earth. Now how do you locate that place on the globe where that hole will open? Well, you neither have to consult geography books nor make any approximations as there’s a Google Maps based web tool that will very easily solve this problem.

Called AntiPodr, this tools takes you current street address (or city name or zip code) and points you to a location on the Earth’s surface that is exactly opposite to you.

You can see the opposite location on the map as a pushup pin but they also provide the latitude and longitude co-ordinates for better accuracy.

The logic is simple: If the coordinates (longitude and latitude) of a point on the Earth’s surface are (θ, φ), then the coordinates of the exact opposite location will be (θ ± 180 °,−φ).

So if you start digging a hole in New Delhi and then drop a ball in the tunnel, it will reach somewhere in the middle of Pacific Ocean. Thanks Launchfeed.

Published in: fun - Google Maps

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