Why Your Company Needs a Blog and some Web 2.0 Presence

Written by Amit Agarwal on Mar 28, 2008

David Pogue of New York Times lists the advantages of blogging and participating in social media like Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, etc.

Some reasons – you’ll gain trust, goodwill and positive attention. You’ll put a human face on your company. And you’ll learn stuff about your customers that you wouldn’t have discovered any other way.

"When a company embraces the possibilities of Web 2.0, though, it makes contact with its public in a more casual, less sanitized way that, as a result, is accepted with much less cynicism. Web 2.0 offers a direct, more trusted line of communications than anything that came before it.

It’s not just blogging, either. It could be podcasts. Or videos. Permit the public to make mash-ups using your company’s characters, logos, music or products. Let’s have some more inside looks: at your product design cycles, your focus groups, your rejected designs, your employee cubicle videos." Link.

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