Slashdot and Ars Technica - Most Overrated Blogs According to Time

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best blogs TIME Magazine today released a list of top 25 blogs which they say are the best blogs in the world for 2008 - good read and worth saving to your bookmarks.

Though the TIME’s list includes most usual suspects like TechCrunch, Lifehacker, Post Secret, Engadget, etc, you may disover other awesome blogs that are still not in your reading list like Web 2.Oh or this dull blog.

What also deserves attention is this second list of Most Overrated Blogs for which the TIME editors found no “no explanation for popularity”:

Ars Technica - “too much technology. Hardly any art. And lose the fruity name.”

Slashdot - Reading Slashdot these days is like visiting the IT guy at work. He’s infuriatingly smug and cares passionately about stuff you don’t care about. Thanks Brian Solis.

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Published in: lists

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