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technology-blog-advertising IDG, the company famous for publishing technology magazines like Macworld and PC World, has launched an advertising network for technology bloggers.

IDG will leverage their existing sales team to get advertisers for your blog and will keep 50% of the advertising revenue. The ads are CPM based and available in all standard formats like the media rectangle, wide leaderboard or the long skyscraper format.

The program was earlier known as Tech Dispenser - that old site will continue like an aggregator of tech blogs but the advertising network is now rebranded as The IDG TechNetwork.


If you run a technology related blog or website, I highly recommend signing up as these programs generally yield higher returns than Google AdSense because you get to specify your own prices. If there are no matching ads, you can always fill the unsold inventory with AdSense ads* so its always a win-win situation.

*we follow a similar approach here at Digital Inspiration.

Another advantage of joining IDG Technology Blog Network is that your content gets syndicated across different IDG websites so you can expect some additional web traffic.

To get started, open an account at Adify and wait for the site to get approved. The payments are handled by Adify and are made via PayPal.

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Published in: advertising - Google AdSense

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