The CE Mark Can Have Another Meaning

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CE Mark

If you see a CE Mark (an acronym for “Conformité Européenne”) on any electronic gadget (including toys and medical devices), it is basically a guarantee from the manufacturer that the product meets all the safety requirements of the European Union.

It is mandatory for manufacturers to meet all the CE Marking requirements before they can sell their products in any of the countries in Europe.

Some CE Marks on Electronic Goods can be fake

Like everything else, the CE mark is misused and therefore not all products bearing the letters C and E can be considered safe. There are unconfirmed reports that some products made in China carry the CE mark but here CE stands for “China Export” (meaning the product is exported from China) and not “Conformité Européenne.”

Luckily, the lettering style and the spacing between the two letters in the “China Export” logo is a bit different so it is not hard to spot the fake CE mark. The letters in the original CE mark are like two semi-circles of similar radius but one square bigger and, when drawn completely, they meet each other.

China Export Mark

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