How to Edit Email Notifications in Google Forms

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The Google Forms Notification add-on sends you an email notification when a new form submission is received. You can set up one or more email notification per form and they can be sent to different recipients based on form answers.

How to Setup an Email Notification

To get started, open the Google Form, click the add-ons icon, it looks like a puzzle icon, choose Email Notifications for Forms and then click Create Email Notification.


Here specify the email address where you wish to receive the notification, you can also email multiple people, choose whether to wish to send a confirmation email to the form respondent and create the rule.

How to Edit a Google Form Notification

Now that your rule is created, assume you need to change or add one more email address to the list of recipients. For this, we’ll have to amend the existing notification. Here are the steps:

Go to your Google Form (edit screen), choose the add-ons icons, choose Email Notification for Forms and then click Manage Form Settings.


Please note that you’ll only see this option for Google Forms that have at least one notification rule associated with them.

Next, you’ll see a dropdown will all your form rule. Select the one you’d like to change and then click the Edit Rule button.


You can use the same screen make a duplicate rule or edit the date and time settings of the form.

Published in: Google Forms Email Notifications

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