How to Change the Date and Time Format in Google Forms Email Notifications

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Google Forms support both the date and time fields. The time component and year component can be added/hidden inside the date field based on requirements.


The date and time fields in email notifications can be reformatted so that they are confirmed to your locale/region and are easy to understand. For instance, you could US users may prefer mm/dd/yyyy format while Europe (UK) users may prefer dd/mm/yyyy format.

Reformat Date & Time in Google Forms

To reformat date and times in Google Forms, go to the add-ons menu, choose Email Notifications for Google Forms > Manage Form Settings. Here choose “Edit Format” under “Reformat Date & Time” section.

You can now change the default timezone of your Google Form and also specify the exact date and time format that should be used for outputting date and time type questions in email notifications.


Google Forms use the Oracle date and time patters for formatting and parsing dates. Here are some sample formats and the corresponding outut.

Date FormatSample Output
yyyy-MM-d hh:mm a2016-11-28 06:30 PM
yyyy-MMM-d HH:mm:ss2016-Nov-28 18:30:22
EEE, d MMM yyyyWed, 4 Jul 2016
yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss2016/11/29 12:08:56

“M” represents the month in year. If you say “MM”, it is interpreted as the month number while “MMM” will display the month’s short name. You can say “MMMM” to output the full name of the month.

Similarly, “E” is day name of the week while “a” is the AM / PM marker. You can check the date time formats documentation.

Published in: Google Forms Email Notifications

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